TeraRanger Duo

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The TeraRanger Duo is a powerful surface detection solution for any environment!

Combining our advanced infrared Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology with classic ultrasound technology, you’ll never again have issues detecting the proximity of difficult surfaces. Whether it’s reflective, transparent or absorbent surfaces such as carpets, water, transparent glass, or sound absorbing materials.  TeraRanger Duo will provide fast, accurate results in a super-light and cost-effective package.

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– Principle:  Infrared Time-of-Flight & ultrasound
– Range:  14m for ToF. 7.5m for ultrasound
– Update rate:  1000Hz in fast mode and up to 600Hz in precision mode for ToF. Up to 15Hz for ultrasound (1Hz in default mode)
– Range resolution:  0.5cm for ToF. 1.0cm for ultrasound
– Accuracy:  ± 4.0cm in precision mode ToF
– Field of view:  3° ToF. About 5-10° for ultrasound
– Supply voltage:  12V DC recommended (10-20V DC accepted)
– Supply current:  50mA average (110mA peak @12V)

Operating Modes:
– By default the sensor streams two distance values in parallel that you can use with your own algorithm.  One value comes from the ToF unit, and the other from the ultrasound unit.

Dimensions and Weight:
– Size:  53 x 44 x 25mm
– Weight:  16g

–  UART, +5V level, up to 115200,8,N,1. (Factory default when shipped)
–  15 pin DF13 (open-ended cable provided)


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Adapters are available for fast and convenient connection to other devices, such as PC’s via USB or UART to robot or flight controllers.

USB adapter for TeraRanger ToF sensors


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