TeraRanger 3D Array

TeraRanger 3D Array Frontal

TeraRanger 3D Array is a simple 3D solution for mapping, SLAM and collision avoidance on ground and airborne robots. It combines eight TeraRanger One sensors and the TeraRanger Hub to create a lightweight, fully eye-safe 3D scanner where calibrated distance data is streamed from a USB or UART port as an array of synchronised distances, in millimetres.

With fast refresh rates, zero moving parts and 100% eye-safety it provides a lightweight, ROS compatible, alternative to traditional laser lidar scanners. Please refer to pictures for Field of View and beam configurations.

Choose TeraRanger One Type A sensors, or TeraRanger One Type B sensors depending on your operating environment and conditions. All other product specifications are the same as TeraRanger Tower, with the only difference being the configuration of the sensors’ axis.

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TeraRanger 3D Array Performance:Top-angles
– Principle: Time-of-Flight
– Range: Up to 14m (reduced range in sunlight)
– Update rate: Fixed 270 Hz in fast mode and up to 270 Hz in precision mode
– Range resolution: 0.5cm
– Accuracy: ± 4cm in precision mode
– Field of view: 3º for each sensor
– Supply voltage: 12V DC recommended (10-20V accepted)
– Supply current: 345mA @12V in general environment


Design, Dimensions and Weight:

– Size: L 135mm x W 58mm x H 70mm
– Weight: 130g fully assembled with 8 sensors


– Interface 1: UART, +3.3V level, 921600,8,N,1. Connector: 4 pin Molex Picoblade
– Interface 2: Micro-USB port (2.0)
Expansion: 4 pin Molex Picoblade connector for Can bus +5V level. (Requires firmware development. Please contact us if you are interested in this)


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