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TeraRanger Hub Kit

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The TeraRanger Hub Kit enables you to plug and play with up to eight TeraRanger One distance sensors and obtain high-speed distance data from each sensor. It is the perfect tool for creating a selective point cloud for your robotics control system.

The Hub provides power to each sensor, synchronizes the sensors for cross-talk avoidance and streams an array of calibrated distance values in millimeters via USB or UART. Depending on how many axes you need to monitor, choose to add from 2 to 8 TeraRanger One sensors in your kit.

The kit contains:
– 1 TeraRanger Hub
– 2 to 8 TeraRanger One sensors (Type A)
– 2 to 8 Sensor to Hub cables (22cm)
– Cables for power and data transfer

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A free graphical user interface is available for download. It provides a clear readout of the distance values being obtained by each TeraRanger sensor and allows you to set certain sensor parameters. 

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