Evo thermal aligned
Evo Thermal 33 Sensor moduleEvo Thermal 90 Sensor moduleTeraRanger USB backboard compatible with Evo ThermalTeraRanger I2C backboard compatible with Evo Thermal

TeraRanger Evo Thermal

30.00 (VAT included)
25.00 (ex. VAT)

Capture the unseen with our thermographic sensor modules that use passive infrared technology to monitor heat variations, detect movement and hot spots in your environment! They operate in a broad range of conditions, including sunlight and complete darkness, and output non intrusive data that protects personal privacy at all times!

Each black Evo sensing unit requires a yellow backboard unit to work

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Evo Thermal 90 Evo Thermal 33

Infrared thermopile arrays

Resolution 32×32 pixels 32×32 pixels
FOV 90° x 90° 33° x 33°
Update rate 7Hz 14Hz
Temperature accuracy +/-2ºC below 100ºC; 2% after 100ºC +/-2ºC below 100ºC; 2% after 100ºC
NETD 330mK (0.33C) 254mK (0.25C)
Weight 7 grams 9 grams
Interfaces UART, USB UART, USB
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