TeraRanger USB adapter

Adapters for One/Duo

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Cables for power and data transfer.

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USB Adapter

In the box:

  • USB adapter board with power management system
  • cable from adapter board to TeraRanger sensor (One or Duo) – 22cm length
  • cable from adapter board to computer: USB mini – USB – 50cm


I2C Adapter

In the box:

  • I2C adapter board with power management system (requires soldering +/- power cables)
  • cable from adapter board to TeraRanger One sensor

 Quick setup instructions for Pixhawk with APM:

  1. solder power cable (3S or 4S, 10-20V) to the adapter paying attention to the non-marked polarities (+ and -), please see this in picture 2 above
  2. connect the provided cable between the adapter and the TeraRanger sensor. (If required, ensure you have installed the I2C firmware version to your sensor.)
  3. connect the other side of the adapter to the Pixhawk I2C port. (You will have a spare compatible cable already in your Pixhawk pack. NB: if you have something else connected to the I2C port on the Pixhawk, you can add a little I2C hub, which is also provided with the Pixhawk. Refer to picture 3 above.)
  4. ensure that you have updated to the latest APM firmware
  5. in Mission Planner you can now enable the use of TeraRanger One by selecting the use of “sonar” and select PX4 type. (In future versions we will update this to make it easier to select)

Additional Information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 1.5 cm

USB adapter, I2C adapter for TeraRanger One

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