Fast and complex aerial maneuvers – no problem for TeraRanger One!

“TeraRanger One is the ideal solution for us” says Alexis Lussier Desbiens, Professor of Robotics and Mechanical Engineering at Sherbrooke University, whose team has developed a fixed-wing flying robot that lands on vertical walls! The S-MAD (Sherbrooke’s Multimodal Autonomous Drone) uses a thrust-assisted landing technique to reliably land on vertical walls, and then take-off again. To achieve […]

Meet Bo, the new mobile robot equipped with TeraRanger Multiflex

Safely navigating a cluttered and constantly changing environment is not without its challenges! In this video you’ll see Bo – a cool new social robot from the team at Botsandus – performing a number of navigation and collision avoidance scenarios using TeraRanger Multiflex. Meet Bo! Bo is a state of the art robot with advanced human-robot-interaction […]

Traffic monitoring with TeraRanger One distance sensor

TeraRanger sensors: Faster than a travelling car! Whilst our sensors are well known in the robotics and automation sectors, they are also beneficial for Internet of Things and other ‘smart’ applications. In this short white paper we show how a low-cost TeraRanger One distance sensor can be used for traffic monitoring, not only to detect the […]

When infrared Time-of-Flight meets water!

What happens when a TeraRanger One infrared Time-of-Flight distance sensor is pointed at water? Does it see the water and return reliable distance readings, or does all hell break loose? Performance over water is something we are often asked about, so we did some testing, in the lab and out on the choppy waters of Lake […]

Drone object avoidance with TeraRanger Tower

This short video shows a Proof of Concept (PoC) of how TeraRanger Tower can be used on a drone to detect a wall. You can use a single TeraRanger One sensor for front object avoidance or, as in this PoC, up to eight sensors for perimeter coverage. This is plug and play with APM (from […]

TeraRanger One aids vision-based drone intelligence

TeraRanger One is being put through its paces by a team from Prague Technical University as they compete in one of the world’s leading robotics events; the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics (MBZIR) Competition in March, 2017. The team of engineers has chosen the TeraRanger One sensor to compliment their vision-based systems in the Unmanned […]

Detecting glass surfaces with infrared Time-of-Flight

We often get asked whether our infrared Time-of-Flight distance sensors can detect glass and other transparent surfaces. And to many people’s surprise, the answer is “yes”. Clearly, there are some caveats, but you can read about those in this short white paper. And if you need a fully redundant distance sensing solution, we have that covered […]

Plug and Play sensor arrays

Have you seen how easy it is to build custom arrays of TeraRanger sensors? The TeraRanger family is built on a modular approach whereby you can simply connect up to eight TeraRanger One sensors to a central board which then takes care of distributing power and receiving and synchronising distance data from different directions. TeraRanger […]

Drone automatic re-initialization and failure recovery system

Professor Davide Scaramuzza and his team from the robotics perception group of the University of Zurich have developed a state-of-the-art re-initialization and failure recovery system for drones. A TeraRanger One was used as a high performance altimeter, without which the experiment would not have been possible. “Drone automatic re-initialization and failure recovery system”